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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

There are many types of patients that can benefit from medical assisted weight loss. Some patients find themselves gaining weight throughout their adult life despite an increase in exercise and healthy diet. For others, obesity might be something that they have been facing since childhood. No matter what the case, we can help.

Each weight loss patient will receive a consultation with lab work. An individualized weight loss plan will be formulated based on their individual needs. Every weight loss plan will come with some direction in nutritional education and exercise recommendations. Medications are available to safely lose weight to meet your individual weight loss goals. While there are many options in medications to assist in weight loss, Body Scribe focuses on those medications that are effective and specializes in keeping costs low.

Medications used to help in your weight loss journey may include:

Each treatment course used for patients will be based on individual needs and based in science to be not only safe, but also effective.


Initial consultation fee is $200 and this includes:

  • Initial consultation appointment with lab work
  • Follow up appointment to discuss your lab work and establish a treatment plan.
  • Treatment plans may include: medication or injections.
  • Membership based pricing

*based on tier program