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Men's Health & Peptides

Men's Health & Peptides

Testosterone levels in men have been declining over the last 100 years and can decline naturally, typically around age 30. Since 1980, the general population has seen a 20% decrease in their testosterone levels. We offer a range of Men’s services for optimal health and vitality.

Low Testosterone in men can lead to:

Do any of these symptoms sound like you?  If so, schedule a consultation with me and you could be on your way to a better life!

Initial consultation fee is $200 and this includes:

  • Initial consultation appointment with lab work
  • Follow up appointment to discuss your lab work and establish a treatment plan.  
  • Treatment plans may include: medication or injections.
  • Membership based pricing

*based on tier program

What are Peptides?

Peptides can be used judiciously to improve health and outcomes.  They change the nature not only of recovery, but of performance.  Peptide therapy is a newly emerging science that helps to achieve different types of body transitions, both internal and external.  They are small proteins formed of short chains of amino acids that the body uses as hormones and signaling molecules for biological pathways.

These proteins are in charge of the way your body functions.  Your weight loss, your sexual capability, including your digestion activities.  Peptide therapy helps the body impersonate the functions of naturally occurring peptides to imitate certain abilities on focused areas.

Although peptide therapy is fairly new, as of 2015, there were over 60 US FDA- approved peptide prescription medications, 140 peptide prescriptions being considered in clinical trials and 500 in pre-clinical development.  In recent years, the use of peptides in healthcare has gained much popularity.  Peptide treatment is generally considered risk-free and can be employed to produce very targeted areas. Several peptides have been approved by the FDA permitting them to get utilized for medical trials and use.

What is Peptide Therapy?

Since peptides vary in design and number, effects vary as well. Peptide therapy has been used to treat age-related conditions, osteoporosis, obesity, inflammatory disease and even neuropathy issues. This type of therapy treatment provides a much less invasive alternative to medicines and procedures we have become all too familiar and complacent with.

In addition, since the body is already familiarized to these peptides, they are synthesized, naturally causing less strain. Think about how your body processes naturally occurring peptides, like insulin and endorphins. Peptide therapy is not introducing the body to anything unfamiliar, which is what makes this form of therapy so scientifically reliable.

Peptide therapies can be generated utilizing chemical processes, or produced inside genetically modified cells. Various peptide therapies are offered by injection or cream. Since peptide therapy is based off how the body naturally operates, there have not been many recognized negative reactions linked with the administration concerning this type of therapy.

Peptide therapy may be your option to a more energetic and healthy living. To find out more about peptide therapy, and to discover which peptide therapy may be right for you, contact us and consult with one of our educated staff members.

**Peptides will be coming soon to our Carrollton Location!**